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Geotechnical Engineering

As a crucial discipline within civil engineering, geotechnical engineering delves into the behavior of earth materials and their interaction with infrastructure. Our team of geotechnical experts is driven by a passion for understanding the ground beneath us, ensuring the stability and durability of your projects. Through rigorous site investigations, soil testing, and analysis, we identify potential challenges and develop innovative solutions to mitigate risks and optimize construction processes. From foundation design and slope stability assessments to soil improvement techniques, we employ cutting-edge technologies and time-tested methods to provide reliable geotechnical solutions. With a wealth of experience in diverse projects, we are your trusted partner in building upon a solid and resilient groundwork. Let us fortify your vision with the expertise of geotechnical engineering, shaping a strong and sustainable future together.

BOZ Engineering Group creates custom geotechnical investigation programs for each client’s unique project. We understand that what lies beneath the surface can be just as important and complicated as the structure it supports. Our geotechnical engineering team’s approach goes beyond simply delivering engineering data. We inform our clients about the risks and rewards associated with the engineering suggestions we make.

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Subsurface Investigation

Subsurface investigation is a crucial aspect of engineering, involving thorough exploration of soil, rock, and groundwater beneath the surface. Through advanced techniques, we gain insights that shape design and construction decisions. This process helps us understand soil capacity, identify risks, and ensure the durability of projects. Subsurface investigation is the key to informed and successful engineering, ensuring a strong foundation for every endeavor.

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Laboratory Testing

For site characterization, geotechnical design, quality control, and performance assessment, BOZ Engineering Group offers laboratory testing of soil, rock, and other materials. Our services vary from basic visual-manual examinations of recovered samples through simple measurements of grain size, moisture content, and plasticity qualities of soils to highly specialized shear strength and consolidation tests requiring advanced instrumentation and abilities. BOZ Engineering Group employs cutting-edge testing technology, as well as innovative processes and automation. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable test results in a timely manner.

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